Registered Director


The Registered Director is the person responsible for the implementation and the on-going growth of Rainbows in a particular region.

A Registered Director must have a comprehensive understanding of the philosophy, purpose and objectives of the Rainbows organisation. She/he is the liaison between their country/region/city and Rainbows International Headquarters; reporting directly to the Director of Chapter Management.


The Registered Director shall:

  1. Be 18  years of age or older.
  2. Read the book:  Healing the Hurt, Restoring the Hope by Suzy Yehl Marta, SawRobin Press, 2006
  3. Complete Registered Director Training to receive accreditation.
  4. Attend Registered Director Enrichment Conference (for renewal of accreditation every 3 years;)
  5. Establish new Registered Rainbows Sites to increase the availability of services.
  6. Organize, present, and provide facilitator training in Rainbows’ philosophy and methodology as outlined in the Registered Director’s Procedure Manual.
  7. Take appropriate action to further the objectives and mission of Rainbows, consistent with Rainbows philosophy, such as:
  • Provide information sessions for business, educators, parents, and students, clergy and religious leaders, to build awareness of the need for grief recovery assistance.
  • Informing area schools, faith communities, hospitals and agencies of the accessibility of Rainbows support; sharing its purpose and results.
  • Execute marketing letters, follow‑up telephone calls, and personal visits.
  • Encouraging and pursuing coverage about Rainbows by local media outlets.